Apple and his new products release dates

Apple and his new products release dates


While some reports say the next-gen iPhones will be launched on September 19th – not to mention that some retailers already offer pre-order options of the iPhone 6, despite the fact that it doesn’t yet existBusiness Insider has a different take on when the iPhone 6 should be released.

FROM EARLIER: New report claims to reveal release date for iPhone 6 and ‘iPhone Air’

The publication says that…

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Zoe Saldana and her future

Zoe Saldana and her future


A new inside-it article feat. The Hollywood News Report

A lot of of movie stars have a franchise on their résumé. Some even have two. But there never has been an actor who has pulled off three humongous ongoing sci-fi action series all at the same time. Until — just maybe — now. (more…)

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Amazing Spider-man in the future

Amazing Spider-man in the future


The Spider-Man franchise will detour next with a “Sinister Six” spin-off in 2016, pushing “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” to 2018.

Sony’s Columbia Pictures announced its updated schedule for the web-slinger Wednesday. By ordering “Sinister Six” ahead of the next “Spider-Man” movie, the studio hopes to expand the franchise with the group of Marvel supervillains.

“Sinister Six,” to be directed by Drew…

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German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Dog, an original Btkid

Click each image to read or just download a copy below.

Part 1

German Shepherd Dog.docx

German Shepherd Dog 2

Part 1 in PDF click here « German Shepherd Dog.docx »

Part 2 «July 24»

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